The purpose of this school is to support a new evolution of individuals and practitioners who trust their embodied presence and knowing, and are rooted in a model of wholeness as they offer their gifts and skills to the world.

Awakening to Wholeness: The School of Embodied Energetics

Awakening To Wholeness is a container that enhances the well-being of individuals and practitioners, while providing a sustainable approach to life that few educational programs in the healing arts provide. With a background as healthcare practitioners, our teachers recognize that embodied presence and the cultivation of true self-mastery is primary to our success. In our school, we grow these capacities through the continual practice of connecting to Source as it lives through our own bodies.

Our Offering

We offer an intimate, hands-on learning environment where the daily flow and all aspects of the curriculum are designed to deeply enhance each student’s learning experience. This learning community is rooted in the embodied sensibility of the intuition and encourages individuals to explore, with open-hearted consciousness, the unique expression of their gifts.

Classes include: exercises to strengthen intuition, lecture, guided meditations and journeying, demonstrations of technique and practice, conscious communication, ethics, transformational ritual, hands on explorations and opportunities to investigate how the work relates to one’s own personal journey.

At the completion of the program, you will have a repertoire of tools and skills to share with yourself, your family, clients and community. You will have the capacity to obtain information from your intuitive knowing and possess the basic skills in the mechanics of embodied spiritual transformation. You will have the capacity to navigate the energetic field, the Five Elements and the energetic centers of the body.


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